You know, Graduation Parties are extra special events because these parties honor those individuals that have put the time, effort and money into pursuing  a personal or career achievement. The education received as well as the life-long friendships bonded, really honor the individual for a job well done. Whatever career choices lie ahead for the graduate, this is the time to commend he/she with a party filled with food, laughter, family, friends, music and lite entertainment. Wham Jam would be honored to perform at your family graduation party. What Graduation Party would be totally awesome, if it didn't include a light show! We believe that we are the areas foremost lighting company with lighting packages for every budget. Whether it be small backyard venues or scaling up to major house-party events, we got what it takes to make your party the envy of the neighborhood or the party next door. What, with our DMX special effects items, boasting over 10,0000 watts of light equipment to our 4,800 watt sound systems! We've got PA systems for small stadiums as well as family basements. All affordable! All family friendly! You can customize your own light show with dazzling lights, strobes, foggers, video screens, etc.