WJE - Frequently Asked Questions
1.     Do you have a minimum hrs of service?
A:   No. Most events are 2hrs or more but Wham Jam DJ’s will accommodate your needs.  It is more expensive, however, to DJ shorter timed parties because the DJ System & Speakers are being used for your time slot thus not being available for someone else. 
2.      What’s your minimum charge?
A:  Depends on the event. $100hr up to 2 or 3hrs then it gets cheaper. Remember too that fees depend on the event, day, time of year, time of day, etc.  so please call with all details
3.      How far will your travel?  Is there a travel fee?
A:  Pretty much anywhere! There are fees for travel over 30 miles each way and usually $25-$50 depending where we have to go.  All parking fees are paid by the client. Overnight stays are paid by the client.
4.     How soon will you be at my event?
A: We usually arrive 30-45 minutes prior unless it’s a Wedding or prerequisite from the Facility.  Unusual early arrival for client’s convenience is $50 per hr.
5.     Is your setup of equipment an extra charge?
A:  No, the setup is included outside the contracted hours of service.  An extra fee is charged only when the client requires additional DJ equipment beyond the standard.
We will negotiate a fair price based on how much extra equipment is needed .  Everything will be in writing and agreed prior to any extras.
6.     How much is your overtime fee?
7.     Will you stay extra, even after your contracted time is up?
8.     I have to cancel my party and I’ve already paid my deposit! What happens now?
9.       How soon do I have to send my deposit in order to reserve my date?
10.     How do I reserve additional equipment? How much notice do you need?
11.     I have to postpone my party due to weather, family issues, etc. what happens?
12.    I need to reschedule my event. I have a new date set.  What happens?
13.   Can I get a Rain-date if my event cancels due to weather? Does it cost extra?
14.    How soon will you arrive to setup before my Wedding Ceremony & Reception ?
15.    Will you DJ a 12hr event?  Will you give me a price break?
16.     Do you have backup DJ’s in case my scheduled DJ gets sick or can’t make it?
17.     How do you accept payment?
18.      Do I get a referral fee if I send you business?
19.      Can I give you a personal check at the end of my event for final payment?
20.     What kind of music will you play at my event? Do I supply hard to find songs?
21.    What if one of my guests wants to make a song request?
22.      I have an outside party but don’t have a table, electrical cords or cover for the DJ?
23.    Do I tip the DJ at my party? How much?